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Main Street Fairmount

Our Vision
Establish a vibrant downtown area by attracting unique businesses and events while preserving the Town's architectural heritage.  Promoting and celebrating the history of Fairmount will captivate the hearts of visitors and residents alike.  By engaging the community in activities, festivals, and events, the neighborhood experience will be strengthened and unified.

Our Mission
Facilitate the historic preservation of Fairmount and develop a community that attracts families and visitors.

Our Values

  • Community - All businesses ad residents of Fairmount have valuable input into the vision of our town and are encouraged to join Main Street Fairmount

  • Communication - Sharing information, giving and receiving, creates a unified organization and community.

  • Fun - Participating in meetings, events, and activities brings enjoyment to volunteers and the community.

  • Optimism - Having a positive outlook and belief that our town is worth investing in for the future.



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